Breed Information

Breed: Siberian Husky

Weight: Male: 45-60 lbs - Female: 35-50 lbs

Height: Male: 21-23.5 inches - Female: 20-22 inches

Color: black and white, Jet black, silver (dilute) black and redish black, Grey, Wolf Grey, Silver, Sable, Copper, Chocolate Copper.

Siberian Huskys For Sale | Breed Information

Breed: Shih Tzu

Weight: 9 - 16 lbs

Height: 8 - 11 inches

Color: Wide range of colors

Shih Tzus For Sale | Breed Information

Breed: American Bulldog

Weight: Male: 70-120 lbs - Female: 60-100 lbs

Height: Male: 22-28 inches - Female: 20-26 inches

Color: white, brindle, brown, red, or tan

American Bulldogs For Sale | Breed Information

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Weight: Up to 7 lbs

Height: 8-9 inches

Color: blue and tan. Yorkshire Terriers are born black, gradually attaining their blue and tan coloration as they mature.

Yorkshire Terriers For Sale | Breed Information

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: Male: 65-75 lbs - Female: 55-65 lbs

Height: Male: 23-24 inches - Female: 21.5-22.5 inches

Color: various shades of gold

Golden Retrievers For Sale | Breed Information